We know the big day!

Great news!  At our last appointment at the OB clinic, we decided on a date.  Megan will arrive at the University of Utah hospital at 8:00 PM June 20th, and they will start the labor process shortly after that.  So with any luck Jackson will be born on June 21st!  We are super excited.

I again apologize for being so slow to update this silly thing.  I never pictured myself as a blogger.  We have since been to the outpatient cardiology clinic at Primary’s several times, and had a total of two fetal echocardiograms.  Fortunately everything is still looking good; or as good as a sick little baby can look.  No new changes to report.  Megan will stay in Utah with our good friends Ashley and Jordan Boyd starting June 1st.  I’ll travel down a few times for doctors appointments and other things.

I don’t know anyone who would wish this experience on their son or daughter.  It is an unfortunate thing that we have been asked to deal with.  That being said, I am trying to look at the bright side of things.  I have found this whole experience very educational to me.  I am learning things about little hearts that I otherwise would probably never have learned.  Having the job that I do, I hope that one day the knowledge I have gained throughout this whole experience will bless the lives of others; perhaps in their time of need.

One last thing…  If you would like to be updated on our progress when the actual delivery starts, when the little guy gets here and the results of the surgery, please get me your cell phone number or email address or whatever.  I hope to be able to send out updates as often as we get them.  Jackson has a lot of people praying for him, and I would like to keep you all as updated as you would like.

Thanks, check back soon for more updates!

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2 Comments on “We know the big day!

  1. Dallen,
    We would love to hear updates from you after Jackson is born! Our email is angroff2006@yahoo.com. You are all in our prayers as you go through this journey. A song I have heard recently is by Mark Shultz called What it means to be loved. I heard it the other day and had to think of you all. It is about a daugther but It would fit into your story also. BLessings!!! Niccole Pincock Groff

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