Jackson’s second day in life was pretty dang simple.  He did great throughout the night, and was taken off of the CPAP.  He is on a relatively low amount of oxygen by nasal cannula and is content to sleep most of the day.  Megan and I went over to the cardiac intensive care unit (where he is staying for the time being) and got a bit of a surprise this morning- Megan got to hold her son for the first time.  Words can’t express the emotion in watching a mother hold her son for the first time.  She was grinning from ear to ear.  After about an hour I got to hold him as well.  It was pretty dang cool.
We also got a firm grasp on surgery plans.  The surgery will start at 7:30 AM; and will last about 7 hours or so.  We met the surgeon today, Dr. Burch.  He gave us all the information about the procedure- the risks the benefits, etc.  It was pretty much the same speech we have been getting from doctors for about 4 months now.  He spoke soberly about 5% of babies don’t survive the arterial switch procedure; again a statistic that we have heard more than once recently.  The difference today was, that we are making the bet tomorrow morning.  I was thinking over and over again what I need to do to prepare myself for this.  I couldn’t really think of anything.  I looked over at Megan.  She was holding Jackson.  She still had that incredibly happy grin on her face.  The smile was the wide-eyed optimism that there was nothing in the world that Jackson couldn’t conquer.  I wish I had the faith she does- oh how I look up to that woman.
I had the opportunity to give another gentleman a blessing today.  He is going in for brain surgery tomorrow morning.  In conversation with the man’s mother, I told her that God blesses us in mysterious ways; and sometime we don’t know the “why’s” and “how’s” of the situations we are put in.  I was thinking about that later; and tried to apply the thought in my situation.  God blesses us in mysterious ways.  I don’t understand why Jackson, Megan and I have been asked to endure such a trial; but this I know- God has provided a way for us to endure it.  I can feel the powers of heaven.  The veil is thin and there is a spiritual feeling that Jackson carries; unlike any I have felt.
I will continue to provide updates during and after the surgery by text message and facebook.  Please continue to keep Jackson and Megan in your prayers.  It is helping, and we can feel it.  We love you!
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2 Comments on “UPDATE – CICU Day #2

  1. Today, for the few minutes we saw him, I had some of those same thoughts. He truly does carry a strong spirit, the spirit of a fighter. I felt so close to Heaven sitting with him the last two days. Thank you so much for letting my girls and I be a part of this. You'll never know how much I look up to you!

  2. Thanks for all the updates! I can't imagine all of the emotions and feelings you all are going through…but we are praying for you all from Texas! Love you all lots!

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