Jackson Update – CICU Day 7

Jackson continues to do well.  This morning the remainder of his chest tubes were disconnected, as well as his foley catheter and two sets of pacing leads.  The only thing left to remove today is his breathing tube.  He is breathing completely on his own (for the most part), but sadly he still “forgets” some times and the machine will be there to breath for him, if he goes longer than 20 seconds without breathing.

His bilirubin level continues to drop, ever so slowly.  He’s still on the bili-blanket and under the bili-lamp.  I think he doesn’t like either of them, as he has to wear this sleeping mask thing, so the light doesn’t damage his eyes.  When it’s taken off he is constantly looking around and moving his head.

His medications are almost none now, he is still on a very small dose of Milrinone as well as TPN (IV nutrition).  The TPN is slowly being turned down and his NG tube feedings are being turned up.

I have read through several past posts, and realized that I should have proof read them.  I’m a horrible speller and an even worse gramar-type-person.

One quick note about visiting.  We (and the hospital) welcome visitors.  It’s great to have them in the waiting area.  Unfortunately Jackson is still pretty sick, and very susceptible to germs and infection.  Please do not just show up to the hospital or let yourself into the Intensive Care Unit without speaking with Megan or I before hand.  You will not be able to see our little man in person, but we have a pretty nifty little system of Skype and FaceTime, so you can see him via the internet.

If you have any questions about visiting, give me a call- I’d be happy to talk to you about it; (208)339-6401.

Thanks folks!

Also, here is a video of him looking around last night:

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